Aluminium Formwork

Specifications Aluminum formwork for Construction

  •  Cycle use
  •  Easy to handle
  •  Light weight, high strength
  • Environmental friendly
Aluminium Formwork
Aluminium Formwork

Advantages of aluminum formwork system:

  • Fast speed of construction: The construction working cycle is 4-5 days per floor. It’s effective for cost saving in human resource and construction management.
  • Low using cost: Formwork can be re-used over 300-500 times and still keeps high quality to finish forming concrete surface. Also the average cost of using in each time is low.
  • Construction more easily, conveniently and effectively:
  • High stability and load bearing capacity: The formwork made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy plate and aluminum alloy profile.
  • The concrete surface after dismantling: It would be a very high quality finishing. The concrete surface is flat, smooth. No need heavy backing plaster. Effectively for plaster cost saving.
  • No construction waste: Spare parts included pins and wedges should be recycled. Worksite would be a safety, clean and tidy environment.
  • Strong versatility: Dimensions of most of the formworks which used in different structural drawings are the same. It means that when you have a new different project, 70%-80% formworks of the last project could be recycled.
  • Recovery of high value: After formworks lost a value in usage, the aluminum material could be re-sold to the market with a high price.

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